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  1. Win is good. 1st period is sunk, but the last two period are good. Demko is solid. Poolman is solid. Dickinson and Garand scored, Pettersson is average. Hope he could improve next game.
  2. Both Boeser and Motte are the valued players of Canucks in this season. I don't like these proposals, passed.
  3. Agreed, we should keep our higher picks in the near future.
  4. I Like Petey but this is the rule. Hope no claims for him.
  5. Last two games, there looks Canucks has a different coach. However, I think Green is the coach over these two seasons.
  6. Good game! I am sure Demko is better than their goalie/ Congrat to Podz for his first goal in NHL. OEL, Poolman, Myers and Huges are solid. JT Miller is better than last game.
  7. I predict Canucks will win this game. They played very well last night. Just need the forwarders pick back their scoring sticks.
  8. Very entertained game! Canucks played very fast. The new players looks very good. After Boeser back and JT Miller goes up again, Canucks will be a very dangerous game. GCG
  9. I love BigMac but fine to loss him. We have lots of young players in Abbotsford to replace hime. Might be Benning's current working is to claim someone in the waive list.
  10. 1. Vegas 2. Vancouver 3. Seattle 4. Edmonton 5. CGY 6. LA 7. ANA 8. San Jose I put Canucks at the second place, assuming the injuries would not damage too much. I believe BN did the right jobs to remove most of the dead weights before the new season, and add some useful new players.
  11. Do like this trade proposal. I would like to keep Poolman, Motte.
  12. Good addition, create internal pressure for bottom wingers.
  13. If we put Dahlin and Hughes on the table: Dahlin $6 x 3, bigger size, better defence. Hughes $8 x 6, smaller size, better offence. Based on the current situation of Canucks: limited cap room and better forwarder group, GM will select Dahlin if possible. Hoping the agent of Hughes, will do more works for Canucks and the player.
  14. Canucks will be much better, compared with last season. However, I don't think they could get the Stanley Cup in this season.
  15. If we could only sign one of EP and QH, I prefer to trade QH.
  16. I do think the defensive is better than last season. Shaw better than last year, New players OEL, Poolman, Schenn looks better than those departed players. Hughes, Bone, OJ will be much matured. Only have a little concern the speed of Myers.
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