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  1. Interestingly enough, I've taken on learning mandarin on the side before all this. I've just added a bit more time to it.
  2. While I do appreciate the spirit of this thread, I don't think adding more online courses to my current course load (that's being switched from classroom based to online) is a great idea. I will say some of these courses look a tad more interesting than the ones I'm taking!
  3. I've been here for years, and you probably have NO clue who I am... and that's okay.
  4. I guess people gotta blame someone... Why look in the mirror, right?
  5. Perhaps, but that seems like a little unlikely. Being easily offended seems to be related to upbringing and personal experience.
  6. Can't have anyone with any hurt feelings, ever.
  7. Oh but I'd laugh my @$$ off! Seriously though, this world has become soft. Everyone is so easily offended and it's actually very disturbing. Why give everyone else that much power over you? Mind boggling...
  8. You're literally barking up a tree where there's nothing to be found. The U-xx system is very clear and concise. No confusion. I've never heard anyone ever say they were offended by the names, but MANY parents have been confused by the titles. Not every change companies and organizations make are due to PC or SJWs... As for you giving up this minor change, I again suggest you do give it up. This is NOT worth getting worked up over, my friend. Way bigger fish to fry than a mere name change for the sake of simplicity. The troll in me wants to say your tears are delicious, but really your anger makes me sad.
  9. This literally has nothing to do with PC or SJW. Give it up.
  10. Wrong Alf but okay... Having looked into it further, there are contradicting sources depending where you look. Some sites are using the U-xx format, while some are using the other classifications. Some sources use both. Seems to be it depends on location and program. I was involved in U-12 to U-18 football, soccer, basketball and volleyball. Very interesting to see. Here's one page from Vancouver https://westsidefootball.bc.ca/programs/ Here's one from Richmond.... https://www.raidersfootball.ca/programs
  11. Fair enough, sir. It is very possible that it changes with your region. I just know Hockey was the only sport that I knew was different when I was a kid.
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