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  1. Pop up sites were definitely not rolled out in the best way possible, but this is also another case of how human idiocy is making this pandemic harder to deal with. It's pretty simple, don't be a greedy prick and wait your turn. If you don't work/reside in a hotspot, don't go there to jump the line - you're just making the line longer for everyone who actually needs a shot. Come on people.
  2. J.T Miller's one of the more outspoken players. I wonder if his relationship with the organization has been shaken after all this?
  3. My brain was so close to exploding after watching this
  4. Yes, that's why there have been arguments to roll out vaccinations at random instead of targeting specific age groups, especially since seniors tend to be less mobile and isolated. If you vaccinate at random, you could be more likely to immunize a transmitter.
  5. Agree, I'm just wondering if we've been in the 3rd wave long enough where the death statistic would start to rise already, but maybe I shouldn't get too optimistic just yet. On another note, Dr. Henry sounded like an elementary school teacher reading a picture book to her class during her closing remarks
  6. Seeing the case numbers rise is scary, but I'm wondering precisely how much of these newer cases are coming from younger age groups. Cases are way up in Canada as a whole, but I don't see deaths, which are rising, but not at the same pace as new cases are. Hopefully this is a sign that the vaccine roll-out is already doing some work since seniors aren't getting as badly hit (compared to the previous wave)?
  7. Lol of course they aren't. All provincial public health measures are enacted after consulting with multiple arms of government, not just Dr. Henry. Dr. Henry is the lead on assessing how the pandemic is going and providing health-related advice to the government, but at the end of the day, it's Horgan, the politician, and his Cabinet who call the shots.
  8. If professional athletes can't even have their health concerns properly heard by a professional sports leagues, imagine what normal people (e.g. factories, retail stores, etc) are going through right now trying to even just get 1 sick day due to COVID.
  9. Although the news media do their daily dance of flip flopping, this is some food for thought: Gives some inclination to think twice before you start complaining that the vaccine roll-out is too slow.
  10. Apparently Moderna vaccine shipments have been inconsistent. Pharmacies are starting to use AZ to compensate for the delays, but there are concerns that people might walk away when they get to the clinic and find out they're getting the AZ vaccine. Pfizer shipments have been reliable and consistent.
  11. Long video, but so much good information here:
  12. Unfortunately, in a modern western democracy everyone is forced to accommodate the slowest idiot on the society train. You, and many of us here, may have rightfully thought leaving the doors open at the start of the pandemic would be a bad idea, but unfortunately, many others would have been enraged over that. Look at Montreal, some of the idiots there started an anti-curfew riot. Hong Kong has been doing great with keeping COVID cases down - guess what one of the big contributors to that is? Forcing international travellers and, I think, even residents who test positi
  13. The drug in question is one that is critical for other life-saving operations. By using it solely for COVID patients, you're taking the drug away from other patients who have a non-COVID related medical condition and depend on it. I'm also assuming the benefits of this drug for COVID treatment was a recent discovery by the medical community, so production hasn't caught up yet. There are also not that many companies who manufacture this drug (I suspect that this is the case because the drug was used for a very specific type of treatment - not COVID-related).
  14. Hindsight is 20/20. I wonder how many of us would have been absolutely pissed off with the government shutting things down to such a degree - myself included.
  15. This is the crux of the issue. The Feds made the conscious decision to be the "nice guy." Enforcement is another huge factor. It also boils down to personal responsibility, but of course, we can't rely on that
  16. While I agree with you, I wonder what the public backlash would have been if the Federal government immediately shut down international, or even domestic travel at the beginning of the pandemic. Smaller countries like New Zealand and Korea had no problems restricting international travel with designated quarantine hotels, but I wonder if the same would have been just as easy for a much more geographically vast country like Canada? Again, I agree with your take on how the lack of restrictions probably caused COVID to worsen here, but I don't think it's as black and whi
  17. I'm pretty sure air travel is under Federal jurisdiction, not provincial.
  18. Was in a meeting earlier today with officials from Ontario municipalities and the province's Ministry of Health and science advisory table. It was a pretty sobering briefing. ICU beds projected to be near capacity and there are shortages of life-saving drugs for COVID-19 patients requiring ICU care. COVID-19 patients can be in ICUs for up to 20 days which is a lot longer than patients recovering from something like a heart surgery (e.g. 2-3 days), which backs up capacity even more. Vaccine hesitancy already emerging in older age groups because of reported risks behind the AZ vaccin
  19. Before COVID, I lived in Toronto and I can tell you that the Raptors were just as revered than the Leafs during the Raptors championship run. Ever since the Raptors became a competitive team their popularity has been surging. You'll also notice that the crowds for Raptors and Leafs game are almost polar opposites. So while the Leafs remain to be the big ticket in town, the crowds at Scotiabank Arena look like a large gathering of white suburbia while Raptors games look like a much younger, diverse crowd. I always wondered what would have happened if the Grizzlies were a more compe
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