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  1. What a career he has pulled off. 500+ games is pretty great.
  2. How did we get them? Oh yeah. JB. He must have been high af when he drafted them.......
  3. Did you enjoy watching the Canucks make it to game 7 of the 2nd round this year? Without JB and his “incompetence” we wouldn’t be close to where we are. we have an awesome young team because of him. The cap situation will be fine by the time Petey and Quinn need extensions. There is no reason to sell the farm to get rid of LE right now. There is some incompetence going on, but it’s not JB.....
  4. Tanev isn’t leaving Vancouver for less than 5mill. Also, Van gives him a better chance to win than Pitts future does.
  5. Hey there mr hindsight. 3 great games <<< sub par season. 3 games doesn’t make you better than an all star in any world. Not even in neverland, Petar Pan.
  6. I’ve been calling Tampa to win for the last 3 years. each year at the beginning of the season my friend and I bet 20$ on the SC winner. Im getting that 20$ this year.
  7. I’ve grown their autofem Durban. All 5 were garbage. But their purple kush and apricot kush were fantastic.
  8. Looks good. I dig it. How do we afford it? letting Toffoli go? Not signing Marky? When Toff was healthy, he was a huge addition and great fit on the team. He filled out the top 6. Id love to keep him if possible. Ride with Demko and let Marky walk? Im glad this isn’t up to me!
  9. It was a total waste of a pick.
  10. This season was a success after we beat Minnesota. No matter what happens tonight, I’m so jazzed for this team. Go Canucks Go!
  11. How do? Markstrom wasn’t dressed. Obviously less than 80%. Also, was posted before anyone had any info on Markstrom being injured.
  12. Same as before. Markstrom at 80 is better than Demko not playing for months. Seeing as Marky didn’t dress, obviously Demko is better than Markstrom at 0%. Lol Demko had a great game. I’m happy for him!
  13. Are you daft? Have you not been watching the series? it would have been over days ago if not for Markstrom.