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  1. I’m protecting Lind before Virtanen personally. But the Bowey thing makes sense.
  2. You didn’t need to start this one either. It’s being discussed in his waivers thread..... We have no money to sign him. We won’t make the playoffs. He is clearly on a decline. No
  3. Damn. Toronto making some smart moves. I wonder how much space they have now? They are making a big push this year
  4. I’ve had a day to think about it. My thought now are, Boooooooooooo Same as yesterday I guess. Players like that can be found dime a dozen. He is a declining tweener, leaning on the lower side. This contract sucks.
  5. This just pushed me over. I genuinely thought JB was done with these deals. I have been a supporter, but no more. FIRE JIM BENNING! He continues to hamper this team, and it looks like he’s not gonna stop.
  6. Booooooooooo Couldn't be more disappointed. How has he not learned his lesson signing declining vets to long term, over payed contracts? 5$ says there is a ntc as well.
  7. I was at that show! I’m good friends with the drummer and frontman. I just so happened to be in Victoria both times they played Logan’s. Once with a bunch of girl punk bands, and another with The Corps, Contra Code, and I think an island punk band https://anteaterpunkbc.bandcamp.com https://thecorps.bandcamp.com https://contracode.bandcamp.com
  8. If he is looking at 3mill, that’s gonna be a hard pass for me. He isnt a top 6 (shouldn’t be). That’s a lot to pay for a third liner. Hopefully Jim has learned his lesson with over paying aging bottom 6 players...... Id give him $2.5 max for 2 years at most.
  9. Anyone here into the Vancouver punk scene? There are a dozen HIGH quality bands coming from our town. Ive spent the last 15 years of my life touring and recording with punk, metal, and rock bands...... and to be totally honest, a couple here in Van are right up there with some of the best. The Corps- For a Fat Wrek style pop punk AntEater- 90’s skatepunk/hardcore. I think they broke up, but easily one of my favs. Contra Code- Technical shreddy punk. Awesome. Aanthems- Heart and soul rock and roll. Just two brothers. One on bass, one drummer. Both sing. They are s
  10. I don’t know why I haven’t been more active in this thread. You guys are speaking my language. Ive toured and worked with a lot of the bands you are talking about! Have any of you listened to PEARS? Their album that came out in 2020 was probably the best punk release of the year. A beautiful mix of old school punk, hardcore, new age technical drumming, and the front man is one of the best in the game.
  11. it makes plenty of sense. I two years those contract will be gone Sure. Eriksson has been a huge helper in developing the kids. Sutter only plays half a season. Beagle hasn’t been a disaster. That was the joke...... Maybe you’ll get this... you dog gets sick and accidentally poops in front of the door at night. Do you hate that dog now? No, the dog has brought more good than a poop on the floor
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