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  1. Anyone remember having a goalie who would make big saves when we needed them? I miss that.
  2. Thats something we never really saw last year, and something I was clamouring for all year. That was a captain’s response. Good job Bo.
  3. Weber landed a good amount more there. But damn, anyone remember when Roussel was actually pretty tough and useful?
  4. For fighting? What are you even talking about? He is still a better dman than most of ours, and would tune up 98% of our team in a scrap fairly easily.
  5. How so? Because I said he played his best hockey when playing with Miller? Or because Miller has played a mentor kinda role with Jake last year? Man, some of you are just total dim bulbs today.
  6. Nope. In fact I’ve trashed him hard numerous times this season already. Just dont see the point of purposely holding someone back because of a certain persons sore bum.
  7. Pearson does right now? Hell, does Petey right now? That’s why I called it a “Fun little mix up”.
  8. I guess someone forgot who Jakes partner was when he was most successful last season. It was Miller, Bree. The guy who has been taking Jake under his wing since arriving.
  9. For a fun little mix up, Miller Petey Jake Hogs Bo Boeser Gotta try something. Jake has been firing it up a little bit against Montreal. Maybe a couple big hits will pump up EP
  10. Hahahaha. I bet both these entitled kids are pissed about where they landed. Lol.