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  1. Yup, i remember listening to the draft, everybody got caught off guard with Dubois going #3, and when the oilers picked puuljarvi, i was excited that for SURE we were landing Matt Tkatchuk. When they announced "canucks pick from the London Knights, Olli Juolevi" man was I pissed. Tkatchuk was pretty consistent the 3rd best player in the class pretty much all year, some even had him at #2 and we passed him up
  2. I was really rooting for Lockwood as well, even more than Gadj. IMO Locks did enough to be on the roster, Im not sure why Zack McPylon is still there. Oh well, it will give the Abby fans a marquee player to cheer for when the season starts. Lockwood is gonna have a big season, not just stats wise but overall development
  3. Kids got a lot of confidence ripping one timers that far. I like it. Locks is just launching bombs out there
  4. Too bad our GM is an idiot. He doesn't like keeping assets and getting free ones
  5. I suspect this thread will be closed soon
  6. Highmore looked ok tonight, but if he did hit waivers, wouldn't be too upset if it meant some of the younger guys coming in MacEwen is garbage
  7. Just setup my pickem pool. Lions are gonna be chomping on the Bears kneecaps tomorrow for their 1st win
  8. I agree, Clague even just looking at his upside is worth taking a risk
  9. Thats what I was thinking too because it sure looks like a cash grab if hes willing not to opt out AND hes unvaccinated. If he opted out even though hes vaxxed, understandable, his daughter comes first. The optics of it just doesn't look good considering he took a contract, putting his team at risk being unvaccinated (seems to me this is the consensus), and not opting out to at least give us a chance to replace him
  10. Going to be a curtain call for Dipietro. He's gonna be with the big club next season
  11. Even if its just strictly asset management, McEwen would easily go unclaimed. Ive seen enough to McEwen and he doesn't offer much. For a guy thats supposedly "physical" he hardly hits anybody. Would rather see Gadjovich or Lockwood. McEwen is a just a warm body to put in a lineup while at the very least Lockwood can be developed into PKer. Lockwoods speed is whats gonna hopefully get him in the roster
  12. I sure hope so, and even Lockwood. McEwen is awful. Put his carcass on waivers
  13. I noticed that too, his skating has come a LOOOONG way. Jonah played really well tonight
  14. Yup, just like like EP40. They want 8 - 9 million? You better make that fire hydrant look good
  15. Was really hoping to see a good showing from Juolevi tonight, and he was just alright. Im a big supporter of Juolevi but damn, Rathbone is just leaving him in the dust. Juolevi is basically battling against Brad Hunt now. Ive said before, Rathbone has to outplay Olli by a significant margin to make him expendable due to his waiver status, and he has, by a SIGNIFICANT margin. He's noticeable almost everytime hes on the ice
  16. I was all for him going to the Q but I agree Abby looks like the better option. Klim's deficiancies are the finer parts of the game rather than just showing off his talent, something hes going to get learn in Abby. The Q is a bit off a helter skelter league where goals come in bunches and its messy, where at least in Abby, its a bit more structured to make him more pro ready
  17. The Mannings really need their own show in the NFL network. Love the brotherly jabs, and yet you get some nice analytical content from them. Best thing going for MNF right now
  18. Hoglander - 25 goals plus this season. Quote filthy, nevermore
  19. Tell you what though, if Juolevi shows out on the preseason games, that will hold far more weight than a bag skate in training camp.
  20. Yup, especially if you can get something for him rather than giving him away for free. I still think Juolevi will be fine. He showed enough last season that hes an NHLer. He played fairly well while Harmonic was out
  21. Damn, hes really giving the Canucks brass every reason not to send him to the Q. Looks like he'll be pretty good if he does end up there, but man, Klim is gonna put some butts on seats if he's going to Abby
  22. That would be AWESOME if EA somehow got Huey doing the NHL games again. I can't stand Cybulski's commentary
  23. I'd probably put Shorty above Cuthbert and Ball IMO. Baller is defintely underrated. Loved Jim Robson, his voice had a certain gravitas, it almost commanded you to listen to him. Huey had raw excitement (not saying Robson didn't have any), two different styles but both loved by Canucks fans
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