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  1. We have quotes of Petey saying he's always dreamed of playing in Vancouver and this is where he wants to play. What do you have? Until you can present any factual evidence to the contrary, you have nothing! Hope this helps!
  2. Pettersson's dream was and is to play in Vancouver. https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/pettersson-kid-vancouver-shirt-canucks Hope this helps
  3. //With all due respect To say that they worship the same God is not the same as insisting that they have an agreed and shared understanding of God, same with Christianity.// If one is to suggest that they worship the same God, objective, verifiable proof must be presented to support such a claim. Their word alone or their personal subjective beliefs can't legitimize the claim. The Jew or Arab's sincerity of belief isn't being called into question but sincerity isn't the standard by which we judge fact from fiction. Both Rabbinic Jews and Arabs can sincerely believe they're of the s
  4. With all due respect, one's perception of God doesn't necessarily define the reality of God. Both Jews and Arabs may claim their doctrine/faith is a modern expression of Abraham's faith, but a close examination of both faiths will reveal irreconcilable differences. Regardless of perception, existing contradictions dictate that both can't be true. If neither are true, then both are false. Thousands of Jews/Arabs in Israel and throughout the world today accept neither modern Rabbinic Judaism or Islam as being a true expression of the faith of Abraham. Modern day Rabbinic Judaism and
  5. They share the same ancestor, Abraham. They don't share the same God. Without getting into the weeds, the Jews descend from Isaac and claim Yahweh as their God, the Arabs/some Palestinians descend from Ishmael and claim Allah as their God. Most Jews and Arabs share the same lineage, but not the same God.
  6. Why not make all those who aren't vaccinated wear a yellow star? Perhaps they should be restricted to one side of the street? Perhaps they should be made to sit at the back of the bus? Or perhaps they should be made to drink from another water fountain? Ethical medical standards in Canada explicitly require the informed consent of all patients regarding any suggested medical procedure. Doctors must provide their patients with all information/documentation for/against said medical treatment/drug/vaccine. However, there's been a catastrophic failure to disclose this information.
  7. Agreed! What's the hurry? I mean, it's only been 9 years since we iced a dominant group who made it out of the 1st round?
  8. If the last few drafts are any indication, I bet we'll be drafting in 5th position. It's our lot, bank on it!
  9. 2020: CCP virus threatens the world 2021: CCP rocket threatens the world Anyone else see a disturbing pattern evolving???
  10. If he's exonerated, he'll want a fresh mental start so regardless how this turns out, we've probably just watched Jake's last game as a Canuck.
  11. To contemplate cheering for the Leafs is to flirt with abominable sacrilege. Cardinal Rule #1 in the Canuck fan rule book..... NEVER, AND I MEAN NEVER EVER, under any circumstance cheer for the whiny "we're the center of the hockey universe" Maple Leafs. To do so requires excommunication from Canuck nation!
  12. For some reason, whenever I hear of the Hobey Baker Award, my mind reverts back to the 1980's...
  13. Thanks for providing the classic textbook example!
  14. It's called the Hegelian Dialectic.... the power brokers of society employ dialectical thinking and philosophy to establish a thesis and an antithesis, which results in a synthesis of both/multiple sides. The psychological & philosophical manipulation of the masses via the illusion of choice.
  15. Becoming more stupid? With all the craziness going on in the world, perhaps people are just beginning to realize that as a species, we've been intellectually defunct from the beginning...
  16. Good thing we live in a society where people are supposed to be presumed innocent until proven guilty!
  17. Intolerance and bigotry transcends all national boundaries. We need to clean up our own back yard first before worrying about our neighbors
  18. Now that we seem to have a handle on identifying "passive racism" in literary works, perhaps we can now turn our attention to dealing with passive intolerance for people whose opinions and worldview don't match our own?
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