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Free WiFi coming to TransLink buses, trains:


TransLink and Shaw Communications Inc. are launching free WiFi for customers on six RapidBuses, on three SkyTrains, at Edmonds Station, and at Carvolth Exchange. This is the beginning of a system-wide rollout that will provide free WiFi for TransLink customers on all buses, SeaBuses, SkyTrains, transit stations, and major transit hubs. TransLink expects the rollout will complete in 2026. Bringing WiFi to the transit system is part of our ongoing efforts to elevate the customer experience while we continue to welcome customers back to transit.


“We know that free WiFi is something our customers want, and I’m so excited to start delivering this important feature to elevate the customer experience,” says TransLink CEO Kevin Quinn. “Free WiFi means that our customers can use their transit time for leisure, work, or better connecting with family and friends without spending their money on data fees.”


This rollout will first prioritize activating WiFi on RapidBuses, SkyTrains, and 60-foot articulated buses to provide WiFi on the vehicles serving the most customers. TransLink and Shaw will then continue to install WiFi on our vehicles until the whole fleet is equipped. Free Shaw WiFi is already available on board SeaBuses and in SeaBus terminals for customers as part of a previous rollout from TransLink and Shaw.


“We are proud to partner with TransLink so its customers can stay connected when they are on buses, trains or in transit stations across the Lower Mainland,” said Katherine Emberly, President, Business, Shaw Communications. “Today’s announcement represents another milestone in our collective commitment to providing commuters with fast, seamless WiFi connectivity that they can enjoy for free across TransLink’s system.”


Posters and signage will be on display on vehicles and at transit hubs with WiFi to make customers aware of its availability and to provide clear instructions on how to connect to WiFi during their transit journey. To find out how to use WiFi and to see progress updates on our system’s WiFi installation over time, customers can visit our webpage at translink.ca/wifi.



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21 minutes ago, 6of1_halfdozenofother said:


I sure hope (and I seriously hope) they put in mitigation plans for when they have not only snow but also extreme winds (especially if they're happening at the same time).  Last thing I'd want to do as a transit rider is to be bobbing like an apple in an ocean from the high winds, knowing I might be stuck there for hours before they can restart the thing, or my ride could end in a few seconds with a sudden vertical drop.

As a former mariner-I get a bit amused when some one says "In all weather the gondola will continue to operate,” Curry said.'


I'm guessing she hasn't seen "all weather".

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5 minutes ago, 6of1_halfdozenofother said:

Considering they run articulated buses on all-season tires, I suspect that your suggestion would in fact be a feasible less expensive option.  However, there is a lot to be said for a gondola going up the side of that mountain - even if it can't run through all kinds of weather, it will shorten transit travel time up the hill, and has a lot smaller carbon footprint than running buses.

electric buses and other alternative power supply would lessen that foot print, yet I do like the gondola idea as well.

Just seems like a lot of money spent, when governments are basically broke.

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On 7/5/2022 at 2:21 PM, gurn said:

Will also add- wouldn't it be hella lot cheaper to buy some buses or tires or combination of both that can work in the snow?

I miss the good old days of attending SFU during a heavy snow where riders would all get asked to get off the bus at the ‘bottom of the hill’ so the bus can make it up the steep climb to campus.:lol:

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