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Post Yo Face In The Twilight Sparkle Party

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3 minutes ago, brilac said:

I'm sorry to hear about your loss TNucks1.  


Thanks, sucks big time but got too say my good byes and see all my distant family and bond, just wish it was under different circumstances, needed this time with them, cause i live near victoria


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I got my haircut today and then went to get dessert.  Then I came home and watched hockey.  It's like 5 wins in a row for the Montreal Canadiens.  That's great.  Now it's time for kombucha - the cosmic cranberry kind. 


My next haircut may be a faux hawk. 




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Posted (edited)

On my way to the NKOTB meet and greet and concert.  Just got done eating at Dick’s Drive In - which is the place to be before events! I love eating there! That’s love love love.


Oh yeah, and with a mask of course at the concert.



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Heading out for a kombucha run!  I drink a lot of kombucha.  I would drink champagne, but I've mainly designated that for the upcoming hockey season.  Like watching Canucks games and Habs games.  And when I want to get a laugh and watch Leafs games.  And boy do I giggle and giggle at the Leafs and while drinking champagne, and then there are the times when I curse and wanna throw things at the TV when watching the Habs.  Last season, I tell ya, was something else! And not in a good way! 


Anyhow, I got back from the store with my kombucha.  I took a longer walk.  I ate cookie butter with apples earlier, and I had so much energy that I needed to burn it off.  And the sunglasses, those are Canucks sunglasses with the V on the sides. I had to show them off out and about and at the grocery store.  'Cause the Canucks are so much cooler than other hockey teams! :) 




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