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I was actually a big fan of WAW. The only problem with it was parts of the gameplay were nothing new. However, it was the frist COD game I played, and then went back adn played the older ones. So maybe my perspective was different, but I actually thought it was the best of the series.

I thought the MP in WAW was great. Liked the 4 person cooperative. Liked the zombies. The story was fantastic in single player. The PS3 version on veteran is probably the hardest video game I have ever played, and finally finishing it was great.

I skipped over MW2 after playing a couple of times at friend's houses. Maybe the big thing about COD for me is how immersive they make the atmosphere. Contemporary guns/surroundings just don't have that same effect.

Anyways, really looking forward to the next instalment.

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This game is going to SUCK. I never buy anything Treyarch makes.

Treyarch has made:

CoD 3 - Terrible.

CoD WaW - Terrible.

CoD Black Ops - Going to be terrible.

There has only been three good CoD games; 1,2 and 4. Anything Treyarch has made and MW2 are crap. The franchise is going to make a lot more games but they're all going to be crap because of rushed development and the death of IW.

It's going to live off of it's name.

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Wow. That did look like a bow with explosive arrows. That's pretty bad donkey. The trailer makes it look better than MW2, story wise at least. Gotta see what they do with multiplayer. It won't be hard to beat MW2 multiplayer sadly. All they need is guns that are different from one another and unique to use and they're set. Every time I play MW2 it seems like the deciding factor is who has the better connection, not what gun you use.

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It looks like a good game but I'm gonna have to pass this time around and just wait for the next one, Modern Warfare 3

The only games I want this time around are:

-NHL 11

-Test Drive Unlimited 2

-Fallout New Vegas

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