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The Montreal Canadiens are EXTREMELY pleased with the trade that the Predators and Lightning made today IRL. This is exactly what we envisioned when we picked up Anders Lindback at the trade deadline, and we are also happy that it occurred before the Entry Draft.

With Backstrom and Lindback now likely considered to be starters going forward, word out of Montreal is that any team in need of a starting goalie should probably strike up a dialogue with the Habs...

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The Montreal Canadiens have apparently agreed to a fairly significant deal just days before the Entry Draft. Rumors are flying around that the Habs have found the top-6 center that they've been after for months, but that it came at a fairly high price in the eyes of the Montreal GM. Stay tuned...

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I just saw on TSN off season games plan section that Sulzer got a mark of 70.31 by TSN on their rating system, versus Klein's 68.82

I see it a bit closer, considering Sulzer is being graded on just 27 games with the sabres and Klein is moving up and taking more responsibility, but neat to see the situation for both is looking good!

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we´ll see the worth of this deal during the season

if sulzer plays like he played in the 15 games for the sabres i see him easily making the team

mike weber and brayden mcnabb are his competitors for a spot on the roster i guess and if the sabres re-sign t.j. brennan

they would have 9 defenders.

but who knows if the sabres i try to trade 1 or 2 of their current defenders...we´ll see in the offseason

Sulzer got the ice time in Buffalo he wasn't going to get here. He made the most of it and was very good for the Sabres. If he can keep that going, he'll be a very good pickup.

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Yeah I fully agree with Mike, changing all of this just adds a whole new dimension to the game and adding values to guys that weren't valued for 3 seasons now for a reason, it just doesn't make much sense when you come down to it.

That's exactly the problem. These players bring something to teams, but that isn't reflected in our scoring structure. You can look at it as Mike did with Mitchell=Kopitar and think, wtf, no way. But remember that those star players would get hits and blocked shots too, and that they wouldn't be worth so much as to skew the scale that much.

What about those top 4 D that don't get a lot of points on the scoreboard? They are constantly waived or traded, or relegated to 3rd/4th line roles, despite playing 20+ minutes for their team, something that won't fly next season with players ice time and roles being watched more closely.

To me, what doesn't make sense is giving value to one style of player while ignoring the other. Each player brings something to the table and we should do our best to reflect that. It would only serve to create the oppourtunity for more realistic rosters and add another dynamic to the game. It would also give teams that aren't already loaded up with 4 or 5 offensive defencemen a chance to compete. Try making a trade as a rebuilding team. You try to add a quality piece, but you're met with the response of "I'm not giving up this guy without a similar player coming back, top end talent, 1st round draft picks, etc." If you have some more defensive style defencemen already, you'd be able to have some kind of asset in a trade that would appeal to other teams.

It's easy for the teams that are already strong to say the system is fine as it is. But the fact is these players bring value to a lineup, and that value should be reflected. What doesn't make sense is ignoring their contributions.

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