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[Rumour] Ducks shopping Bobby Ryan


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Obviously you wouldn't. I wouldn't either. But I'm saying if one wanted Bobby Ryan, you have to give to get.

Do you think Anaheim would be interested in the scrubs people have been offering for a former 2nd overall player right behind Crosby?

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HUGE overpayment

Ryan's numbers were inflated due to playing top line minutes with Perry and Getzlaf. He also got to play with Selanne at times.

Edler is more like a top 2 defenseman and Ryan is more like a high end 2nd liner

wouldn't do this

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draft position stops mattering 6 years after the draft and you have an actual body of work to base analysis on. look, for example, what it took to pry nathan horton (3rd overall 2003) out of florida:

to bos: nathan horton, gregory campbell

to fla: dennis wideman, 2010 1st (15th overall), 2011 3rd

at the time, horton was coming off 5 straight 20 goal seasons (including 27, 28 and 31), with point totals of 47 (rookie year, 71 games), 62, 62, 45 (67 games), 57 (in 65 games).

horton is also a big, power forward. he was also a couple years into a very fair 6 year, $24 million contract.

people here are really overrating bobby ryan.

edit: maybe overvaluing is a better word

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Anytime you have a 3 time 30 goal scorer at the age of 24, and especially the way he plays the game, it's pretty safe to say that he's a pretty good player.

I mean, the Nucks don't have to overpay for him. Ducks will simply look elsewhere. I'm sure some other team will be looking to overpay. I'm simply saying the Ducks wouldn't do the trade.

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I'd take Ryan over Nash. I just don't think MG has the pieces it would take to get Ryan. Other teams will offer much more than we can.

I hope MG goes hard after Suter. Offer him $8 mill per year. Lets see if he bites. I wouldn't be surprised to see Suter get more than $8 mill per year. He might be the highest cap hit in the league going into next season.

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