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Lesson on how to properly cheer for Luongo...Luuuuuuuuu

Guest AriGold

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Where's the L-U-U-U-U-U-U-U-?-!

? - when he makes a save in the shootout

! - when he wins the shootout

LOLOL I kid I kid. I've supported Luongo since he's gotten here. Glad to see the majority of Canuck fans back on his side again.

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Even now, with Luongo playing as good as he has anytime in the last 5 years...he still isn't showing any kind a gap between him and Schneider. Schneider is still playing every bit as well as Luongo, he's doing it without a track record of playoff collapses, and he's doing it for 1/6th of the cap hit.

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