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Edmonton's First Overall

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They may seriously look at a Schneider package. They already have Hall Eberle RNH, following in the Pittsburgh recipe that Burkie was pissed about earlier today, it seems Edmonton could come close to hitting that same lottery. Pit drafted Fleury, Crosby, Stall, Malkin. Edmonton could possibly go Hall Eberle RNH Schneider, that's a very solid foundation to surround with veteran signings.

Instead if they take Yakupov, they will have to likely wait yet another 2 years until everyone is on the same page and still struggle in net.

If they are to trade their first overall for a goalie, I can't see them wanting anyone beside Schneider, Bernier still seems to be a risk. If Schneids has some good outings this playoffs, I think this could actually happen.

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Not really. They need d-men and goalies. If we trade Edler and Schneider plus picks for their first, maybe.

You have to pay the price for something like a first overall pick.

Is Dubnyk really that good? I feel as though if they make one good trade and avoid injuries, they can make a push.

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