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Anyone Want To Play A Game? Just To Take Our Minds Off Things..

Hank Moody

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Let's play "What type of golfer" each Canuck player would be.

The idea was brought up on Facebook and I thought hey, might take our minds off the loss or let us blow off some steam

So, what type of golfer would each Canuck be?

I'll start us off with.. Raymond

Raymond would be the guy who tries to make hero shots from and into the sand traps...

"Get it onto the green? Screw that, i'm going for the hole in one!"

Hamhuis would be the guy who isn't very vocal about it but after 16 holes is all of a sudden 5 strokes ahead of you, without anyone noticing.

Luongo would be the guy who would be the leader 12 holes in, but then have one absolutely terrible hole and just lose it from there, going into a complete freefall (this is me golfing, btw hahaha)

Any of you guys got any good ones?

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Aaron Rome is the best golfer on the team apparently

Kassian is the type of golfer where you're thinking to yourself, why is he here? Sure he may be a good golfer some day, but shouldn't he be at the driving range, or pitch and putt, learning the game 1st?

Hansen is the type of golfer that does everything very well. Drives the ball very well, great from the fairways. Manages to get himself out of trouble when playing in the sand, rough. But he just can't birdie any holes. He just saves par

Bieksa is the type of golfer that comes out to play just to hang out with his friends, has a few beers, tries to cheat on his score card, and makes his friends laugh

Kesler is the type of golfer that takes losing very hard, even if he's hurt or the people playing against him were just better

And finally the Sedins are the type of golfers that everyone doubts because they fall short often. However they come back stronger each time they play and they keep their sights set on one day winning that Green Jacket. And one day they may just surprise everyone and grab it...

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