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Going Forward From Today, Who's In Better Shape... Vancouver Or Chicago?


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Chicagos core is younger but they definitely are weaker in goal and have all of a sudden become a bit soft.

I think as a GM in Chicago your job would be easier right now though because you have more options. They may need a bit more work but they also have more flexibility.

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Their core of forwards (Kane, Toews, Sharp) & defense Kieth, Seabrook is younger and more dynamic than ours. I would have bet on the Canucks this year & (summer changes sight unseen) next because of depth and goaltending.

Beyond next year I have a hard time seeing the Sedins maintaining an elite position & we dont have anyone up & coming.

I think the Cancucks need to get much bigger...

Chicago needs some D and better goaltending.

I think Chicago is in better shape, though I hate to say it...

Coaches... Have to give it to the Q b/c he has a cup? I dunno... thoughts?

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