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If We Trade Lu To Leafs Who Will We Get In Return?

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Brian Burke is a stubborn idiot. He said he would never take a contract with over 5 years remaining. Thats the reason they didn't get Richards. He won't let his ego down. He will keep sticking to his stupid philosophies. Thats why the Leafs suck bad. Because he is to stubborn to take a contract like Luo or make an EVEN trade where he doesn't destroy the other team (except Kessel trade).

If we do trade with T.O do NOT expect a big return.

I think Luo is going to be a Bolt next year

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Not happening. They will need to offer their 1st round pick, Kadri, and a roster player. I don't give a frack what they say, if they think's overpayment.

If your a Leafs get your heads outta your ass. Look What penner got the Oilers.

Look what Panthers got for Voukoun.

Look what Washington got for Varlamov.

Look what Habs got for Patrik Roy.

Nuff said. If no? I rather hang on to Luongo then trade him, honestly, I'm ok with that actually! Screw the leafs, komisarek and a 2nd? Go screw themselves.

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Guest BuckFoston

You hear he is going to TO? Where did you hear that? I am really curious... Was there a press conference?

6 posts and counting. So original and smart you should feel right at home here. Welcome...

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