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Trade The Sedins

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The Sedins are old and clearly declining, they are soft and two of the most overrated players in the nhl. They will probably produce 50 points each season from now on. If we can trick people into believing that the Sedins are 90 point players, which they aren't even close to, we can get a massive return back.

Van: Sedins + Schneider + Edler + 1st

Tbl: Stamkos + Lecavalier + Malone

The 1st line would be amazing

Malone-Kesler-Stamkos :shock:

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How is this trolling? Stamkos is a 22 year old top 3 player in the nhl, they'd want Sedins + Schneider + 1st for him. Lecavalier + Malone are also 2 great players, and Edler is 1 year away from being ufa. To make it fair, they can add their 1st, and we could package the 1st + Malone for Nash. We'd have a top 6 of Nash-Stamkos-Kesler

Booth-Lecavalier-Burrows. This is much better than our top 6 right now. Also if we can dump Ballard and Raymond, and the cap goes up to 69m we'd be able to sign Suter.

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Let's trade the core of the President's Trophy winning team for the core of a bottom feeder team. Awesome!!! jk

Stamkos would be amazing but Vinny and Malone are huge bad contracts.

Bashing the Sedins who put up the most, or close to the most, points every year is just ridiculous. Just cause they aren't falshy doesn't mean they aren't consistently two of the best players in the league.

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LOL at all these posts ragging on the OP. I don't see any difference between this proposal and any other proposal; they're all pretty similar to me. Sure, the value is off and we'd be trading players with a NTC, but 90% of proposals on CDC do the same as well.

And is any proposal realistic? In the realm of reality we are not magically dumping loads of cap space and signing all the free agents (where's that meme..), and at the same time we are not trading our core players. The fact of the matter is that realism has no relation to proposals. That being said, we can make our proposals fair in terms of talent for talent, or needs for needs.

To the OP:

Good, "outside the box" proposal. The value is off, though. In order to get Stamkos, the next great NHLer, you would have to overpay. As it stands..

Sedins > Lecavalier + Malone

Stamkos >> Schneider + Edler + 1st

Including Schroeder or Jensen, and a good roster player such as Hansen or another high draft pick should be able to get it done.

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