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Rocco Grimaldi

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For those of you who don't know who Rocco Grimaldi is, he is a Florida Panthers Prospect.

He has an amazing work-ethic, plays both sides of the puck, a deadly shot and has put up more than PPG numbers for both North Dakota University where he plays AND the US World Junior team where he served as Assistant Captain.

He has one weakness, and that is his size. He is listed at 5'6" and 167lbs but is VERY Scrappy and goes to the dirty areas of the rink.

I believe if Luongo was to move, I would want it to be to Florida where he can be with his family and we can pick up this guy as part of the deal. Here are some videos showing off his skill-set and work-ethic

This vid shows off some off his stick handling as well as defensive play

Skip to 0:40s of the video where he says that if he had to meet one of the Panthers it would be David Booth because he shares the same Christian Beliefs as him.


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I think with the past two drafts its pretty obvious that Gillis is trying to shed our image of small and easy to push around. Grimaldi as talented as he is would be the opposite of this strategy so I highly doubt it happens. Also CDC would tear him and Gillis apart for being so small.

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I respect the guy a lot, he is a very good player, and all-in-all generally seems to be a nice guy, but he is so devoutly religious I could almost see it being a problem for some players. I realized that Booth is also very devout, but Grimaldi has been in the spotlight a few times for saying some controversial things.

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I respect Rocco Grimaldi, the California kid that the Florida Panthers selected in the second round of the 2011 draft and is going to play for North Dakota this season. (Where he could be rookie of the year in the WCHA.)

I respect that he's a role model for young players, who see a 5-foot-6 forward on a path to the NHL. I respect that he's a devout Christian who uses social media to preach what he believes, even if his candor may have scared off some teams at the draft.

I respect that, in the end, Grimaldi views faith as a way to affect positive change in someone's life and in society, which is a view I imagine places him in the majority in the United States.

What I don't respect, however, are Twitter rants that espouse Puritanical nonsense about how women need to cover themselves lest their feminine curves tempt men.

Rocco wants to know, ladies: Are you honoring God with those jeans that make your butt look great?

Here are Rocco's observations about the female form from his Twitter feedladies_rocco_grimaldi_requests_you_put_your_boobs_away.jpg

There's a thin line between "ladies are too scantily clad these days" and "God wants you in a potato sack because your brothers can't help themselves," and Rocco ran through it. I mean, to each his own, but in my eyes this entire request veers uncomfortably close to the asinine "she was asking for it/look how she was dressed" denouncement women have had to battle for decades.

Rocco moved on to the fellas after that:

"Guys, when did sleeping with every girl u can make u a man? Anyone can lay with a woman. And don't blame the women for how they dress. Don't say it's because they want attention. Don't blame ur "curiosity" or that u just wanted a little taste of what it would be like. Women are not an object for playing with. Sex is a gift from God. We have made it idolatry by how we use it. We blame the women for what they're wearing, we blame the media for what they're producing, but we never blame OURSELVES for how WE'VE twisted God's gift to only glorify ourselves. WE are the men and WE are to blame. God put US in charge of this earth so WE are the ones who need to man up and lay down our lust. Don't fall into that temptation. If you don't do this, you may be a boy for the rest of ur life

So, in summary: Women should cover their boobs and ask if God approves of their outfit in case it unfairly tempts men, but men only have themselves to blame if they're tempted sexually.

Huh, weird … you usually never see contradictions in religious dogma …

Like I said: I respect Grimaldi, immensely, for having this level of candor and using his modicum of fame for what he believes is his mission on this rock. I follow him on Twitter, and 98 percent of what he writes reads like an inspiration poster in a Christian greeting card store. Please don't misconstrue this as some attempt to silence him.

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Other notable Christians from the past....Darcy Rota, Laurie Boschman, Stu Grimson

I think another Christian on the team would be great if he can play hockey at a high enough level.

I didnt see anything in the vid that impressed me though.

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