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It's tough sitting here today, reading through so many threads/status updates of people being crybabies.

Mike Gillis is not a stupid man. He is business greasy. The kind of greasy that you would HATE if he didn't work for you. It is this greasiness that assures me that he will have the absolute best product on the ice come the fall, at any cost.

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Considering how much the cap has gone up, i wouldn't say that he's been overpaid. It's much because of the cap-raise that players like Rome get ridiculous amount of money. I'm not too sure about the length, but i'm happy we could upgrade our top4 d which was needed. Now i'm hoping we could sign another of the most wanted players, either a top 6 winger or another d-man. Not feeling too needy about that now though, considering we still have Luongo and the potential to trade him for either of those 2 categories.

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