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  1. Maybe not in this draft considering the depth of the 2nd round after the picks Boston etc made. But in some circumstances 2 early 3rds for an early 2nd could have got it done IMO, if we're trading with the right team.
  2. Him being a captain is obviously not a bad thing, i'm just getting the feeling that our management overvalue this fact. While i didn't want a guy with attitude problems, like Pilon, i think attitude is overrated at this state of their careers. Brisebrois being a captain of his junior team isn't going to get him to the NHL, unless he's got the skill to make it. If you're a big defenseman, it's obviously important that you're a good skater. But you're also not going to make it on your skating alone. I'm just feeling that his upside isn't that high, but i'd love to see him prove me wrong. I a
  3. Him being a captain for his junior team doesn't say too much tbh, at least not for me. Because again, he's playing on the worst team in the QMJHL, so i doubt there's a lot of guys who's qualified to be captain. Him being a captain (and a defenseman) might also be one of the reasons why our management are sold on this pick, which is something i really don't like. We know that they like their "attitude guys", we know that they love their "big guys that can skate". We also know that not a lot of QMJHL defenseman have made the NHL over the years. Not that i'm totally against drafting defensemen fr
  4. I agree. His numbers in the QMJHL are underwhelming, which for me is concerning since the QMJHL is by far the weakest of the 3 CHL leagues. Not really good at anything. People will bring up that he played for the worst team in the QMJHL which made him "look bad", but that's honestly not going to help his development either. And his +/- wasn't exactly good at the WJC-18 either. I don't see much more than bottom pairing potential. Not to mention this is basically the guy we traded Eddie Lack for.
  5. Creepin' my profile now, eh? ;] Nice sig.

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