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Garrison: A replacement or an upgrade on Salo?


Sami Salo  

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I for one am a huge Sami Salo guy. I think his defensive skills are way underated. Although I am still not sure what we are really getting in Garrison, (had a good offensive season last year, defensive skill yet to be determined) I am not convinced that he will be a major upgrade on Sami. (at least for the next couple years)

One could argue that because of Salo's age and proneness to injury we had to find a replacement, but I am still boggled by the fact Gillis would not sign him to more then 1 year. After years of dedication to the team, I think he deserved it, and earned it for that matter. 2 years for 4 million is a steal for Sami, but alas we waited until he was a UFA and was snatched up.

Maybe Gillis thought we were a shoe in for Schultz and Garrison. Maybe he has another trick up his sleeve. I do know that I am sad to see Sami go, and wish him all the best in Tampa. Hopefully that pale white skin doesn't get too burnt.

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A definite upgrade for $850,000.

  • More offensive upside

  • Hometown Boy

  • Can Log More minutes

  • Not injury prone

  • Longer term option

I liked Sami and all he offered. But this is not a sport it is a business and Sami landed a Good contract and I wish him well, he deserves it.

Now Loungo & Raymond For

Versteeg - Kulikov - Matthais - Theodore

If Theodore is not needed then Toronto and Edmonton may look at him

Sign Doan and plan the parade route

Also if Loungo really only wants to play in Florida perhaps he should consider renegotiating his contract to a few less years say 7 yrs same money!

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Salo was awesome. Him and Hammer were our best d-men. Sami started to look pretty old this season though, especially after the Marchand cheapshot. It was time to move on. I'm really happy that he was able to cash in big time. It makes up for the huge discount he took last season. Good luck Sami. I hope you can stay healthy. :)

No idea what to expect from Garrison. I like that we have another d-man that won't put up with crap.

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I think upgrade...

10 years younger, Better skater, more physical, averaged almost 4 minutes more per game last season, local kid.

Other than these things, the two seem to be very comparable. Both have cannons, both play good positional defence and make a good first pass. Both reportadley quite tidy in their own zone. Both sound on the PK.

Salo had 2 inches on Garrison, but Garrison has close to 10 lbs weight advantage.

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He's an upgrade as far as being younger, more durable...

Similar shot from the point being younger again might point to being an upgrade.

We lose out on Sami's veteran experience and defensive abilities IMO.

Think we still need a stay at home D-man with size.

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I thing he'll make a great partner for Edler, as his skating and transition game with good hockey sense should compliment Edlers physical game. Apparently he's responsible defensively and highly mobile in the transition, so should replace Ehrhoff more than Salo, but has that booming point shot and good defense that Salo brings too.

It's sad to see Salo go, but we are building for the future and younger D now get to step in and develop their game. That being said, I would have loved to keep Salo 2 more years.

We are all getting older, life is such a fleeting thing, and I'm happy for Sami to get his deal in Tampa with Stamkos and St.louis.

Who's their Goalie by the way?

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Garrison is more of a replacement for what we lost in Ehrhoff than in Salo. Salo was an all around great D-man. He'll be hard if not impossible to replace. I view this more of a chance to replace the blue line success we had in the 2010-2011 season when Salo was injured for the season. I think MG is betting Garrison could potentially be a 50+ point guy in the same way Ehrhoff was.

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I say only time will tell. Yes Garrison is younger than Salo but Salo means so much to the team. He was the glue of the back end for how many years? It is sad to see Salo go but I understand you can't sign a type of player like Salo for 3.75 where everyone knows he will get hurt.

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