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What are some of your favourite 90s Rock songs?

Favourite 90s Songs  

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agreed, the foo's music if far superior to anything nirvana ever did, but I won't hesitate to say nirvana had better lyrics, for the most part.

honestly, the foo's cover of Baker Street is my favorite version of the song, and one of my favorite foo songs.

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yes I know... I can't figure it out either.

Actually there is a couple major difference between the two bands... one is more of a traditional hard rock band (ala AC/DC, early Aerosmith, Tesla...THEY ARE NOT A HAIR BAND!) While Nirvana was very much a poster child for the "grunge" movement (and because of that, even if Cobain had not killed himself... Nirvana would have faded with the scene, but that's also just basing it on the short number of years they were around.) The other difference is that the Foo is more like a rock concert.. loud, fun, obnoxious and like a huge kegger. Nirvana wasn't like that at all.

Now to address some of the other posts (might have to make another posting once I check them all again)... musically (instruments) the Foo is "better" (meaning more complex) because it's supposed to be. Nirvana/grunge was basically the 90s "punk" which was stripped down and basic. The only real difference was changing the tempo during the song (ala the Pixies.) Then when you look at lyrically (based on the styles) it's two totally different animals. It's like comparing The Clash to Skid Row. In their own ways, they are superior to one another... but neither is/was trying to be like each other.

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Good analysis.

In any case though, I've never really thought comparing them directly is fair since it's apples to oranges. Heck, that's not a bad analogy - most people like both apples and oranges, but obviously there will usually be a preference for one over the other. Both are good but it when it comes to deciding which one is better it goes down to personal opinion. Let's leave it at that.

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Ooooooh this could take a while...... The 90's ROCKED!!!

Jesus Christ Pose

Say hello to heaven

Call me a dog

Holy water

Man in the box



Damn it. See I barely got through 3 bands and now I gotta go and listen to some of these songs instead of writing about them on CDC.

Ciao :)

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Nope ... I'm guessing you're referring to a 90s band. Are they good?

Edit: nevermind, Nirvana song (haha "nevermind" get it?). It's a good one too. But in terms of their most raw songs, I still think I prefer territorial pissings. The intro to that tune sounds pretty sick, and in more ways than one..

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I remember when Nirvana was exploding in popularity, some cheesy morning talk show in Australia invited them to play. They were introduced, and the host said they were going to play Lithium (I think). Instead, they played Territorial Pissings. You could tell they thought the gig was lame, and were going to have some fun with it. The reaction of the hosts was hilarious.

It was truly awesome.


People who say things like Foo Fighters > Nirvana are just like those who say Coldplay > Radiohead. In a way, it's their opinion, so they probably enjoy Foo/Coldplay more, and hence are not wrong.

But on the other hand, they are wrong...so very wrong.

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