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Lapierre in top shape!


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Maxim lapierre is a guy who trys to perfect himself more and more every year apparently lapierre is 221lbs of muscle right now looking to lose 6 lbs for the season, meaning he will be heavier on his feet this year and he will be listed anywhere from 8-10lbs bigger then last year. He was talking on on the radio in MTL a couple days ago saying that he wants to remain fast but get stronger, he also says that Vancouver is where he wants to play in the years to come. I am more and more impressed with lappys commitment to the team. What do u guys think?


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I would rather have had Lapierre center the 3rd line in the playoffs. His 3rd line was a big reason we got to the cup finals, so why mess with that.

Higgins - Lapierre - Hansen looked dominant until Samuelsson got hurt and Higgins moved up to the 2nd line.

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I think Lappy has a deep reservoir of untapped skill and potential. His primary roles have been that of grinding 3rd liner, but we've seen that he can play with better players (Sedin), and has pretty soft hands.

If he's given the opportunity, I think he could evolve into the 2nd line play maker we've been seeking, he's defensively sound and is good in the corners. Last year he had 19 points which was his highest total since 08-09 when he was with Montreal.

I think a decent comparable to Lapierre's potential trajectory is Alex Burrows; who was nothing but a 3rd line guy until he was given a fluke opportunity and then exploded. Lapierre is also 4 years younger than Burrows.









I love Lapierre's energy and enthusiasm, it might be a good mesh with Booth and Kesler who both play up-tempo styles.

On that line, Lapierre could easily pot 45-50 points (15 goals, 30-35 assists) and I would be exceedingly happy with that level of production coupled with defensive awareness.

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Not sure if I trust Manny anymore as a player. He hasn't been the same since his injury and he's getting older, if Lapierre moves up to the 3rd line, then I'm not very confident in our 4th line.

Bottom line is I think we need one more centre (hopefully Weiss)

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People have to stop relegating kassian to 4th line duties, even gillis said look for him to have more of an impact next season, and from what has been said, it seems like he's training really hard. 21, huge, physical, major skill potential, the guy should be in the top 6 mix, at the very least top 9. Here's my ideal lineups

Sedin - Sedin - Kassian/Burrows

Booth - Kesler - Doan

Hansen - Lapierre - Burrows/Kassian

Higgins - Malhotra - Weise/Raymond

And that is without knowing what well receive for luongo and IF we sign Doan

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I love all of these improvements happening! See what quality time off does for you? Knowing that somebody has to step up for that 3rd line spot, Lappy's doing all of the right things! He was such a difference maker there in the playoffs, I believe he'll add lots of tenacity to that 3rd line!

Also hearing that Kassian lost 20 lbs of fat is also great news, and he'll be able to build more muscle as the year goes on. He has all the fundamentals to play with the twins, but what he lacked was the conditioning that the Sedins are so well known for having. This could be the perfect opportunity to pair Burrows back with Kesler, I LOVE that pairing! Watch him be a darkhorse to play with the twins and watch him surprise as one of the better sophomore players in the NHL.

I'm also glad Kesler's recovery is going fast, but for God's sake, please, don't come back until you're 150%. You, know like the Kesler we saw in the 2011 cup run. I'd rather see him train harder and then come back sometime later until he's fully ready. We need Kesler in May and June, not October.

I have a better feeling about this year than last year. That Edler will be feeding one timers to Garrison like he did to Ehrhoff! Mark my words, we're a cup contender, whether we add another big piece or not!

Cheers, GO CANUCKS GO!!!

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