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Olympics related: Boy offers soccer medal to Canadian sprinters as compensation


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Boy offers soccer medal to Canadian sprinters denied Bronze


A Newfoundland boy is receiving national attention for giving a medal he won playing soccer to Canadian athletes who were denied a bronze medal at the summer games in London.

Elijah Porter, 10, reached out to the men's 4 x 100 metre running relay team after it was disqualified when one of its members runner stepped out of bounds.

Porter, who lives in Paradise, near St. John's, wrote the team a letter saying they were good athletes and what happened to them was wrong.

"I decided that even though I can't change the rules I can make them feel better. So I decided to send my soccer medal and a note that started with talking about everything that's good about Canada," he told CBC.

It was his only medal.

"Im not much of a sports boy but when I was younger I was doing a little soccer thing in Mount Pearl," said Porter.

Yesterday, one of the Canadian sprinters, Justyn Warner, tweeted a photo of Porter’s letter. Since then, the story has caught fire on Twitter and Facebook.

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Yeah man, that letter was tip top.

"We're Canadians.....We create better lives for each other.....We didn't lose the War of 1812.....We have earned our freedom...":

That was patriotic, poignant, hilarious and heartwarming.

Kid should be a speechwriter if he decides not to become a biologist.

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Technically... the battle of 1812 involves British people - not Canadians. Canada wasn't "officially" formed until 1867.

But I guess one would have to ask if those people felt they were loyal to Canada or Britain. Chances are, it was the latter rather than the former. :P

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