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(Poll) What is the scariest game?



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Amnesia Dark Descent isn't really modern per se, but anyone who DOESN'T say that game needs to go play it alone, in the dark, with no music just the game noises and then they can have a say on what they think is the scariest game out there

I didn't really find DS1/2 that scary, more of a surprise; crap jumps off the ceiling and walls at you

Haven't played any of the other games you listed but for sure Amensia would be #1

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Not so bad now, but when Doom 3 came out for Xbox I had just purchased my first surround sound set up for my tv (Was about 15-16 when it came out), I just remember thinking; "Im going to play this with the lights off and sound up!". That lasted all of 2 levels.

I usually dont get scared playing video games or watching movies$, and I havent since; but there was something about that game that had me hoping that each level I was on was the last. I didnt want to play anymore cause I was scared, but I didnt want the game to beat me either. So it was a constant, man up and play, moment for me whenever I turned the system on.

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