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To ANYONE who thinks Luo isn't the starter!

The Creature Blue Lagoon

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Yeah you're right. I should have been cheering him when he was giving up 8 goal stinkers in the playoffs. Guess that makes me a bad fan <_<

Face it. Sometimes Lou is gold. Other times he can stink up the arena. The problem is, he tends to stink up the arena more often in the playoffs.

The Canucks were beat up and tired by the middle of the SCF, but instead of making a big save, Lou folded like a paper doll.

I don't hate the guy, I don't even know him. I do think he had his chances, and now it's time for him to go.

Hit the road Jack, and don't you come back no more.

Interesting statistic: Every team that has won the Stanley Cup has done it without Roberto Luongo.

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that quote is blatantly saying that shneider is starting you moron..had it been luongo he would have made a point to say that luongo has been our starting goalie for 6 years and will remain so until something other than is confirmed.

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Google it and you will find a whole lot of displeasure.I am not the only one that sees the ridiculousness of what was done?

Yeah,the one front loaded contract that he should have never given along with the Sundin nightmare contract.Not sure how it helped anybody but Mats and his bride to be pay for their wedding.

There are other contracts and signings but those two are monumental goof ups.

The 'habit' I was referring to was a character issue and not contractual.

If Gillis had not created and signed such a contract with Luo we might be able to afford to keep him now and this whole drama Gillis and /or the .org created could have been placed into some things positive.

That's how Gillis set it up so let's see how it turns out.Good thing Luo is a good sport.

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