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Why Corey Perry Jumped Ballard...


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I was on Hockeybuzz.com today and Ian Esplen had posted his review of last night's game against the ducks. I know that some of you don't like hockeybuzz for some reason or another, but regardless of that, he mentioned in his review of Ballard's play at the bottom of the article:

"While Perry got the better of him, I'm guessing Perry knew he would have to jump Ballard early based on the two ass-kickings that Ballard has given him in the past."


I was a little interested, so I looked up the other fights that Ballard and Perry had and it's true, ballard and perry had fought twice and Ballard really took it to him both times.



Edit: Here is the fight from the most recent ducks game, you can decide for yourself whether Perry jumped Ballard or not.


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Perry is the classic over-privileged youngster who wants for nothing growing up, turned self-entitled holier than thou smug beotch adult.

He is a solid player but if he were on my team it wouldn't be long before I kicked his nuts up into his throat just to shut him up, and silence that persistent "but... i'm the victimmmmmmmm..." look on his face.

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