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It's a race: Cody Hodgson vs Zach Kassian

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This is the epitome of a good hockey trade. Both players are putting up numbers and contributing to their teams. Why everyone feels the need to have a clear winner in a trade I'll never understand.

And the disparaging of Hodgson is crazy. I'm a Sabres fan as well and have been for a very long time. Live about an hour from First Niagara and have been going to watch the Sabres for years. Hodgson is good. He created that third goal that got the Sabres back into the game against the Sens last night and then near tied it with seconds left. He worked it at the point and won the puck battle. Ended up with it behind the net and banked it off of Pominville charging hard to the net. Although I guess according to many of you Pominville gets no credit because it bounced off his stick, shin pad, skate before going in.

Kassian has been great and Hodgson is the number one centre on the most productive line in hockey. Good trade and both are and will likely be good players. And Hodgson, like Kassian, has improved a lot over last year. He isn't going away. The difference between him and Derek Roy is wide. I feel so much better watching that first line now.

And the Sabres are losing because Myers and Leopold are beyond awful and last night they were missing half of their top 6 D and by far their two best defenders in Ehrhoff and Sekera. If Myers could channel his play from his rookie season all would be good.

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Vanek is on fire right now. Let's see how Hodgson does when Vanek does his usual cooling off thing. Kassian also wasn't always with the first line, and the twins were pretty crappy even then.. and now he's likely not to be on the first line since they went back to Burrows. Kind of an unfair comparison. Not to mention Hodgson is a center, and center's in general tend to pile up assists. So many goals off of faceoffs.

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