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Will Manny leave?


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They'll keep him until the end of the year for his faceoff ability. After that, he may be retained if he takes a sizeable discount. Even if we don't, some team will pay him < 1 mil

I mean, we gave RYAN JOHNSON 1.1 million for his faceoffs, and Malhotra is far better at it.

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I'm not even sure where he'll fit on this team once Kesler and Booth are back. I suppose he or Lappiere will have to shift over to wing on the 4th line with Higgins on the other wing. No room for Volpatti or Weise. This is all assuming Schroeder isn't sent down. His play is surely suggesting that he won't be.

Sedin - Sedin - Burrows

Booth - Kesler - Kassian

Raymond - Schroeder - Hansen

Higgins - Malhotra - Lappiere

That's crazy forward depth right there. The problem is that Weise would likely have to be sent down, and with his new-found celebrity status as the Dutch league Gretzky, he'd probably be picked up on waivers.

I can't really see any regular roster spot for Manny next season either. Classy guy and all, but gotta do what's best for the team. I wish him all the best wherever he ends up.

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I was really hoping that with a full off-season (extended, actually), Manny would at least partially return to his former self. Unfortunately, that doesn't appear to have happened and when Kesler and Booth both come back along with the emergence of Schroeder it will be a tough call as to whether he ends up sitting in the press box for the rest of the season. If it wasn't for his faceoff ability, I'd say it would be a done deal.

Next season, I see even less of a place for him so I would be surprised if the Canucks signed him again. I do think that he could have a place centering the 4th line of a "lesser" team elsewhere if he so wanted to, but not likely here.

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I think Manny is still recovering; he is getting better every game.

He is still a big, fast guy that hits and wins a lot of faceoffs and is a leader on this team.

Ebbet will probably be the guy to go when Kesler comes back and Booth may be a fair way off yet (in his interview he said he was frustrated with how long it is taking but he keeps getting setbacks and cannot rush recovery).

So Manny will stay a while longer and may not be the guy cut when Booth does return.

If Luongo is going to be traded, some forward (Raymond?) may go in the deal, or the deal for a backup goaltender, and Manny could still hold down a roster or pressbox spot.

Barker is still with the team and could be gone before Manny as well.

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