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[Value of] Shea Weber to Vancouver

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We all know what happened last off season and how Gillis made his pursuit apparently. Should we try to get Weber after his 1 year runs up in Nashville? He'll still have 13 years and plenty of signing bonus money owing, so that is also incentive for Nashville owners to trade him. Surely they weren't happy with that to begin with.

Bringing in Weber has been the move that we need for a long time. Personally, i think our team has a very confused identity. We need that BC boy toughness. Our own Johnny Canuck personified! If we're gonna go for toughness, then go all in.

I'd start with this;

Nashville gets; Alexander Edler, Mason Raymond (UFA, great fit on the wing, would have a bigger role in Nashville), Brendan Gaunce (would look good in the future in top 6 competing with Austin Watson for the Centre spot), 1st in 2014

Vancouver gets; Shea Weber.

Would you do it? Instantly our team identity changes.




Tanev could also potentially pair with Weber. plus, the inevitable Ballard buy out.

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Nashville will have paid his signing bonus last summer, his salary this year, and his signing bonus next summer if we trade for him after July 1. It's possible we make the deal after the playoffs but before free agency and take on his bonus, but Nashville doesn't want to have paid that kind of money just to trade him away.

If they did trade him, Edler, Raymond, Gaunce and a 1st might be what they ask for, but I'm not sure we'd want to pay that considering the cap crunch it'd leave us in. They'd have to agree to take back some salary as well in place of either Gaunce or the 1st, perhaps Booth?

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its hard to say right now because we may have a very different team when august rolls around BUT weber doesnt wanna be in nashville because people seem to forget that he literallly signed a contract with philly to leave nashville...with his post interviews after nashville matched you could tell in his tone he wasnt excited or thrilled at all

to van: weber

to nsh: edler, tanev, schroeder, booth, 1st pick 2014

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Giving up arguably the best defenseman in the NHL would be a hard pill for Nashville to swallow. Only way this happens is if Nashville is in dire straights financially. If that's the case, conversation starts with Edler and a 1st rounder. After that, they would want probably want a serious prospect. Jensen most likely. If that's the case, are people ok with giving that up? Personally, if you have the opportunity to get a defenseman like Shea Weber, you take it. Look what Chris Pronger's impact has been on every team he's played for. If for any reason there is even a possibility that the Preds would entertain trading Weber, the Canucks would be foolish not to do what it takes to make it happen.

That said, the Flyers have far more assets to deal to land Weber than the Canucks do. However, perhaps Poile doesn't even look to trade with Philly because of the offer sheet to begin with.

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