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Bill Gates Wants a New Condom Patent, Like, Now

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Looking to add "condom revolutionary" to the Microsoft founder's legacy, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced today it is offering a $100,000 start-up grant for the design of a "next generation condom that significantly preserves or enhances pleasure." More important, they're looking for it to promote "regular use."

Before you write off the tech entrepreneur's pursuits as pervy, imagine that 34 million people in the world are living with HIV and about half of them don't know they're infected, according to CNN. The foundation is said to want "something that will lead men and women outside of a committed relationship to stop and think twice before having unprotected sex," and they want it quickly.

There's another potential $1 million in further funding to compensate for the time crunch, since the foundation already has manufacturing, marketing, and distribution channels in place.


And a fellow named Dorge steps up to the plate for menkind.

Warning: Sort of adult material. Apologies to the mods if it's over the top. Enjoy.

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sounds like a great idea to me, every condom i've tried has been less than stellar, let's get this industry revolutionized! not to mention the amount of screwed up kids being born these days as accidents. this could improve our future generations.

Thanks Bill Gates!! :towel:

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no way I will use a Microsoft Condom!

if they have "problems" with my computer who will be sure they will not do the same S#%$¨¨& when I´m having sex? I don´t want a "blue screen" between me and a girl saying:

"your condom did an illegal operation and will be closed. if the problem continues please contact the admin"


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