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[PGT] Canucks vs Sharks - Game 3


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The only thing that really makes me sad about this all is the fact we will never see Luongo in a canucks jersey again. Our fans treated him like #@($# and he deserved way better than what he go here, whatever team he plays for I will continue to be a fan of his. I'm not blaming schneider at all for our loss either (there is only so much a goalie can do) but I really truly believe if Luongo stayed in net we would have at least had a fighting chance and we might not have lost Game 3.

I'm extremely disappointed to say the least; in the team, in the management, in the coach, the only one who I am not disappointed in here is Kesler, Luongo and maybe Bieksa and Burrows, (and maybe Shneider, but I did expect more) the rest played terribly and with no heart. The first 10 minutes of the third period is what the team should have been playing like through this entire series.

I only hope that there will be some changes made. This was only half a season, so I'm not entirely hurt by it as I think if we were to win the stanley cup we would have been discredited for it anyway by fans of other teams "haha canucks could only win the cup with half a season played" is what we would have heard if we won.

Maybe next year guys (I'm getting tired of saying this)

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People need to just be quiet about the goaltending, blame AV for putting Cory in there cold. I've never been an AV hater but I will be very happy to see the entire coaching staff let go. The Sedins, Roy, Raymond, Kassian were all worse than either goalie and Kesler can only do so much. Even players I'm used to seeing give a ton of effort like Burrows, Hansen and Higgins were pretty much all disappointing. This team needs some major changes.

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Refs. Damned if you do complain.

Damned if you don't.

They even had a warning and the refs still missed the dives. It was working for the Sharks. Why would they stop?

The Canucks were not at their best this series, but the games were a lot closer than the sweep implies, especially 5 on 5.


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