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[PGT] Canucks vs Sharks - Game 3


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Another tough loss but I'm thankful for what the Sedins, Luongo, Kesler, Malhotra, the coaching staff, and the rest of the team have done in past years. It sure was good while it lasted and we were the envy of the league.

Good or bad, I'm STILL a fan of the Vancouver Canucks and I'm damn proud of it.

Lets close this chapter and here's to new beginnings!


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Please let this be the game that seals the fate for AV and his coaching staff.

I am a fan of this team and will remain a fan no matter what, but if AV is still here next season, I will not be watching. Even if he is though, I am finding it harder and harder to watch this horsecrap league and their pathetic officials.

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wow, i tried to remain positive, even after the sharks 3rd goal, but now this is a freakin joke.

who are the fans gonna trade now?….their amazing Schneiderman just sharted big time in the biggest game of the series.

AV is part to blame for sure, no way Schneider should have gone into this cold, this was Lu's series to lu's….if AV was smart, which aparently he isnt, he would go back to Lu for the remaing game(s).

So where will all the Schneider fanboys be now that were bashing Lu all day saying that schneider can do no wrong??..hiding of course, backunder their rock until its safe to come out and bash Lu again.

Not entirely Schneids fault, stupid penalties are stupid and stupid reffing by stupids is stupid……and our d-zone play is bloody awful.

…not impossible but nearly, i still believe we can win game 4 and take it from there.

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