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[PGT] Canucks vs Sharks - Game 3


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you know, at 5-1 i kept watching for 1 reason: roberto luongo. the game is over; he gets called in. can say what you want about lu, but this team is not ready for life without him. even with the game already over the sharks were looking for more, and why not inflict more damage on a team as emotionally fragile as ours and test the top unit on the PP at 5-2, with 5 mins left? lu was great, handled it well and showed the team, the bench, everyone, that he wants to play. he doesn't care where he ends up. lu isn't about the money, he wants to play; he wants to contribute. i don't know how anyone can possibly be against that.

honestly, i've had more confidence in lu in net than schneider. luongo has the experience, he's a veteran, he knows the pressures on being on this team with fickle fans and the media. schneids automatically gets a free pass for some reason.

that being said, this team is pretty much done. i honestly want the sharks to finish the sweep so that the management can wake up and finally start making some changes. i've always been one to defend vigs to the hilt, but i'm done. this team has the tools, i know this team can perform, but vigs is bringing nothing anymore. yeah, all the awards are nice, but frustration continues to build and the countless question marks on who he dresses and sits... call me crazy, but i'm but just about any coach would get every last ounce ballard has, and we know he's not all that bad... hell, he can even contribute, maybe not on the scoreboard but he is a tough guy, but has spent the better part of his time here in the press box and i'm just tired of it.

this post is in no "knee jerk reaction" to our embarrassing loss, but more of, "you know what... I'm a fan who's open to changes"

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I hate to go this route,but watching this game made me realize why the other series are so fun to watch and that is the other teams are allowed to play.It is crazy the penalties the Canucks recieve it completly takes their game away and it is no wonder why this team seems to play with no heart.

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I don't even think we have to really blow up the core, we need to get a coach in there that can hold them accountable and no disrepect to Hank... Time to give the C to someone who plays with heart and soul and actually wants to win a stanley cup... there is only two players on this team that are playing like that right now ...and Lu has already shown that he can't handle the C duties well being our Goalie....so time to pass the reigns onto Kes.

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I love the Canucks, but this is a wake up call, changes need to be mad. Gillis had me as a believer at first, but his record speaks for itself. All he has done for us is take in failed projects, and trade away young players who haven't been given a chance. He has supplied this team with only 3 good players in Hamhuis, Higgins and Lapierre. He brings in the likes of Ballard and Booth, two guys who did nothing to help Florida become a good team. We need to bring in players that have a history of winning. Not to mention this Luongo situation has come to the worse possible conclusion, a goalie controversy to end the year.

Now onto AV, his time is up. He lead us to the cup and I respect him for that, but no results since has to mean he is getting the axe. We struggle in each aspect of the game, and that just isn't acceptable.

I have been spoiled with the Canucks putting out good teams on the since I became a huge fan, so i guess we have to accept that it is time to start over. If I was the Canucks I would do what San Jose has done, Get rid of some valuable talent on the decline of their career and bring in some youth without totally dismembering the team, at least for next year, Next year is our final chance for the next long while; I wouldn't go all in next year, just save the complete overhaul player wise for next offseason.

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Next game




Weise-Lappy-Schroeder(in case to slot in for center if Kesler and Roy are put together)

And for PP replace Edler with Garrisson

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Vancouver Canucks@VanCanucks 3m

"I felt fine to start, I felt good. There's no excuses, this is the playoffs." - Cory Schneider #Canucks

Vancouver Canucks@VanCanucks 34s

"We need our 20 guys to want this more than their 20 guys. They've wanted it more so far." - Ryan Kesler

Vancouver Canucks@VanCanucks 25s

"Right now we can't draw on anything, but we have to come to the rink 100% dedicated to winning this. Whatever it takes." - Roberto Luongo

I don't know what to say...This sucks :(

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