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[PGT] Canucks vs Sharks - Game 3


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Who remembers Luongo letting in 7 to a team that didn't make the playoffs? I do.

Why should Schneider be traded if on Luongo's off night he let in 7? Please explain because on their bad days Luongo was worse.

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2011 Final is still haunting this team.

Somebody said MG overreacted to the loss against Boston and made too many changes to this team ruining the identity of the team. That guy whoever it was hit the nail on the head.

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i wonder how many people are going to use Schneider came in cold or Schneider isn't 100% as an excuse tonight? i don't hate Schneider.. but if he isn't 100%.. then don't f*cking tell the trainer and the coaching staff you are 100% ready to go.. i'm not going to say he cost us the series.. but he definitely cost us the game tonight one way or another.

Sad to see Luongo was still out there competing hard even though when the game is already lost.. i hope he gets traded to a contender next year.. there's no way this group will have another chance to take a run at the cup...

Those that are blaming Luongo saying oh he gave up 3 goals he sux blah blah his stats are terrible we needed to score 4 to win.. hey at least 4 is easier than 6 XD ok i'm jk

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Well, that's that for Game 3. Nice to see that once again only a handful showed up.

Definitely an era is coming to a crashing halt. It'd be nice to win on Tuesday to salvage whatever is left of this shorten season.

Major shake up within the entire organization among the horizon.

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lol Gillis and AV.

This core is done. Gillis wasted this core's last 2 years by somehow managing to make the 2011 team way worse.

Time for rebuild. Get younger.

Edler for Couturier +

Bieksa for 1st rd pick

Hamhuis for 1st

Booth and Ballard for anything to free cap space.


Don't re-sign raymond, roy.

Schneider for Henrique or tampa's 1st rd pick if canucks can't get a 1st for Lu.

Lack to backup Lu and be the successor when time comes.

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Time to have a firesale.

I know they can still make the playoffs almost every year, but I'm sick of seeing this team bend over and take it every playoffs.

Time to get some players that have heart.

Seriously, everyone. From GM to waterboy. EVERY........wait for it............ONE.

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