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[PGT] Canucks vs Sharks - Game 3


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Joe Thornton is an a hole.

I hate this guy -what a soft goof.

Be a man.

Hank-really happy you clubbed Couture.

The refs are a joke and the commentators are without any credibility to not even mention this.]

Shorty on the TEAM has been talking about this so credit to him and the TEAM.

Ray Ferrarro needs to shut it.

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lol Gillis and AV.

This core is done. Gillis wasted this core's last 2 years by somehow managing to make the 2011 team way worse.

Time for rebuild. Get younger.

Edler for Couturier +

Bieksa for 1st rd pick

Hamhuis for 1st

Booth and Ballard for anything to free cap space.


Don't re-sign raymond, roy.

Schneider for Henrique or tampa's 1st rd pick if canucks can't get a 1st for Lu.

Lack to backup Lu and be the successor when time comes.

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Our defence can't make an outlet pass. Good job replacing Ehrhoff and Salo.

Schneider should have been pulled after the third goal. That was weak. And certainly after the 4th goal, BUT NOOOOOOO

AV keeps him in. Learn anything from the hawks and bruins series AV?

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Lets be hones.. The series is over. There is no way we win the next 4.... No way. don't be positive, be realistic. I look forward to changes, I hope there are changes, we had an average year so even if we did beat the sharks I don't think we had much of a chance to win the cup. Our play all season was rubbish.

Now that we are a one goal a game team we need to get rid of some of the big money guys and get some young talent

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Again, the bright side of this game is to teach the Lou haters or the Cory lovers that...it is not easy to be a goalie especially behind a team that has been playing like crap. Cory just had a bad day. I guess theres no doubt that Luongo will start for game #4. You know what Canucks? Just play your best, no matter win or lose, we just want to see a good game. Fans have been waiting for 42 years, they wouldn't mind to wait for longer. Just Let It Be~

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Schneider crapped the bed no different then the dozen times Luongo has crapped the bed this loss is on Schneider for the most part

At the same time it was the wrong decision to put him in this game and i hope AV is gone because of it and to be frank Gillis should be gone too

This is downright embarrassing to watch the kind of effort from the core 2 years in a row now the Sedins are on the decline they have done great things for this franchise but its time for them to be traded or wait til their contracts expire

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Well that was horrible. Turn the page on it and move on. Either there truly is some anti-Canuck conspiracy (17-7 and 8-2 tonight certainly support that theory) or this is just more Game Management and the refs will start calling it in our favour to stretch the series. Canucks really should have just skated off the ice in that third period though. Bitching about it postgame won't do anything.

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