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Mafia: The Departed


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With the murders last night, the mafia has completely taken over the town. There is only one person in their way. RussianRocket...

The mafia finish him off. Quick and easy with no one to see or hear the muffled screams....

The town votes. But undecided, the votes were split between Gally and Diesel_3...Their lives are spared...

Russian Rocket is killed by the mafia!

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And thats it for the first game guys! WELL DONE MAFIA!!!


  1. Snake Doctor [TP]

  2. Denguin [TP]

  3. Diesel_3 [Mafia]

  4. TheRussianRocke [Vig]

  5. Imuzi [TP]

  6. Alchemy Time [TP]

  7. Captain Aerosex [TP]

  8. One One Two [Mafia]

  9. Mau5Trap [Mafia]

  10. Intoewsable [Sheriff]

  11. WheresWellwood [TP]

  12. Gally [Doctor]

  13. Crom! [TP]

  14. Peaches [TP]

  15. Apples [Mafia]

  16. NightHawkSniper [TP]

  17. Snozberries [TP]

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If we get enough people, i will try and add in a second mafia team, or maybe some other roles.

I have a hard time thinking of dark stories for each kill, so im gonna lighten them up a little bit for next game!

And I have a system setup now, so hopefully I can eliminate the mistakes / have fewer drinks on a Friday night...haha

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