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Mafia: The Departed


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The evenings are getting longer and longer as the week goes on. Many people have fled the town of Rawlings ever since the mob began taking over. Crom! is one of the few that are left. He insisted that his family stay since this was the town that he was raised in and he was determined to wait out the violence. That day would never come... His wife had taken the kids and skipped town. Crom! became depressed and started substance abuse... One night, Crom! too far gone from drinking too much, was passed out on his own couch.

He was awaken by a sudden lack of air. A pillow had been put over his mouth and nose. Someone was trying to suffocate him...he let out a muffled scream and kicked and fought until his brain began to shut down. His body lay there...lifeless... the vigilante had gotten him.

WheresWellWood was a gambling addict. He starting going on this downward spiral when he discovered the Craps table at the local casino... He was in deep trouble with the mob. Owing hundreds and thousands of dollars, WheresWellWood had tapped his assets dry. No relatives were willing to help him at all. One night at the casino, WheresWellWood was hitting up his usual Craps table when a man appraoches him briskly and grabs him by the arm and tells him to run. Split seconds later, gun shots were heard riniging across the casino. WheresWellWood managed to hold on to dear life thanks to the mysterious man that had helped him.

Unfortunately, the gun fire has alarmed several towns people, and they began to use their weapons. Alchemy Time was caught in the crossfire and paid the ultimate price...

WheresWellwood is saved by the doctor from Mafia Kill

Alchemy is killed by the TP

Crom! is killed by the Vig

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