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Mafia: The Departed


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Anyone who figures that I'm feigning my hatred for the cdc fuits, should read the Changing Username- Any Suggestions thread. At this point I have to vote for Snoz to stay in the game.

edit to add: I will not vote off anyone if I know that they are TP.

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Honestly, I don't think Crom is mafioso. He's actively brought reason to the discussion and has at least responded to the votes he's gotten; that's more than Snoz has done at this point.

VOTE Snozberries -- speak up a little more if you want me to change my vote.

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Its been a crazy couple of days for the people of Rawlings. Multiple deaths have caused uproars within the town. Everyone has boarded up all their windows...

Captain Aerosex was at home keeping his eye on the TV when a sudden thump startled him. Several men dressed in black walk in beat Captain Aerosex senseless. Captain Aerosex, unable to move, was doused in gasoline. "Why..." muttered Captain..."Never touch the mafia's drugs."

Click. The lighter sets Captain Aerosex up in flames....Snoozberries

Night Hawk Sniper was walking his dogs when a strange man walked by him... Night Hawk didnt think much of it, but as he walked by, the man muttered. "Be Careful what you wish for." and knifes him in the gut. Nighthawk falls to he ground...his dog, unaware of what happened runs off. A black crow lands on night hawk and begins to eat his insides....

The town has spoken and the sheep today is Snozberries....

Snozberries is hung

Captain Aerosex is killed by the mafia

Nighthawk Sniper is killed by the vig

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