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Mafia: The Departed


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If I'd been the Vig, One One Two would've been dead after the first night. I immediately found him suspicious voting peaches under the fruit pretence. I would have killed Apples somewhere along the way too. With them gone there wouldn't have been enough votes to prevent diesel from dying in that last round. Mau5trap is the only mafia I never suspected.

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I have a couple questions about the serial killer.

Does the serial killer HAVE to kill everyone else to win?

Once the Mafia are dead, is the game over, or do the TP also have to find and hang the serial killer?

On a separate note, can a mafia possess the medic kit? If so they could theoretically pass it amongst themselves forever.

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1. Gally

2. Apples

3. Crom!

4. mau5trap

5. Intoewsables

6. Where's Wellwood

7. Malkin Cookies

8. One one two

9. JE14

10. Peaches

11. RussianRocket

12. Snozberries

13. Alchemy Time

14. CaptainAerosex

15. fwybwed

16. Reigning Champ

17. Blueberries



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Please specify the rules T-Rex, and make them explicit.

Imuzi should have been Godkilled last game, and the game should have finished a day earlier. He hadn't posted for more than 72 hours.

Also, does the Sheriff ask for one name per day to be investigated? Or only one time for the whole game? How does that role work?

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