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How do you go about reporting Racism?


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Ok OP.. clearly this site is inhabited with a bunch of twelve year olds .. so i will try to be of some help

The first thing you really need to do is fill out a hurt feelings report.

Take that report down to MooresClothing and give it too them. They will then show you a selection of their big boy pants.

Sometimes big boy pants feel roomier than they should, so what you have to do is give the step kids a tug and hope that they finally drop.

With your new set of snug big boy pants you will now be immune from mean spirited comments.

Big boy pants surround you with a shield that is some times called "not giving a frack what people say about me"


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If you think that some of the responses on here are worse than the racist comments that you heard then I think someone is being a tad sensitive. I sure hope not because I want to believe that this is a serious matter. Btw, I wasn't joking about the youtube vid either. Face it, police don't care about racist comments. This is something that you'll have to deal with or suck it up yourself. That's why if you want it to stop sometimes you have to take drastic measures.

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The best thing you can do when someone's being a ________ (insert appropriate word here) is to either ignore them or respond in a way that ISN'T confrontational. It catches them off guard. If you "buy in", they're looking for that...people out there beaking off generally enjoy it. They want a reaction so not giving them one usually results in them eventually backing off, because they're basically talking to themselves.

If not, then you have a case of harassment and bullying, which likely will garner a bit more attention.

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Next time it happens, film it and put it on facebook/youtube. Isn't that the norm for these things now?

But then again, if you won't even give details on cdc, because (oh noes) th-that person might be on here, then i don't think you'd have the balls to film it and publish it.

You're screwed.

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