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[Proposal] My Opening Day Canucks Roster

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Sedin - Sedin - Kassian

Burrows - Kesler - Schroeder

Shinkaruk - Horvat - Jensen

Higgins - Richardson - Hansen


Hamhuis - Bieksa

Edler - Garrison

Tanev - Corrado

Alberts, Weber



...I'm really sold on the youth movement and as of current, Horavt & Shinkaruk have been playing up to expectations being a force out there every shift and Jensen has been the best prospect for us in general. I say for at least the first 9 games, start those 3 on the 3rd line and see what they can do. If they produce, make plays, and cause scoring chances, then you can even possibly consider keeping them the whole year.

Knowing Torts, he loves his prospects and is known for slotting them in right away and developing them off the get go and most importantly, making them flourish. I can really see Torts being sold on these 3 come training camp and giving them a shot and playing them on the same line. This would give us a lot of depth as we would have 2 3rd lines essentially, as our 4th line would >>> any other 4th line.

Booth being Booth is injured and won't start, and Schroeder will turn out to be the top 6 playmaking forward he is, whether he play centre or wing...if personally let Kesler take face offs and then make them shift places so Schroeder can play his natural, comfortable position and Kesler can try sniping more and he has experience playing wing.

This lineup would be lethal as we have a roster injected with veterans and youth and it's the perfect mix needed to win in today's NHL. Younger players always give it their all to make an impression and prove themselves and it gets the older guys going too seeing younger guys battling so hard. When this occurs, opposing teams just can't keep up with the pace and are stuck trying to solve what to do.

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i'd like to see the prospects play in preseason games against people that will acually play in the nhl this year rather than base my opinion off two games against other not nhl ready prospects.

that being said, i could see schroeder making the team with jensen and corrado as call ups, but shinkaruk and horvat should play in junior for at least another year.

i could see the lineup being like this:
















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Youth movement is going to be very key and important for years to come in Vancouver, but as of right now that line up would get killed considering we would have a bunch of kids playing among men. One maybe two prospects would be good, but anything exceeding that would just be overkill.

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