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The Cult idea was definitely overpowered when we tried it out, but that was with starting with 3 Cultists and including the "Terrorist Attack" power. If you kept it to one Cult Leader and no killing power, it should be more balanced.

But I like this idea, personally. I especially support taking out the SK. I don't mind the role, but I'm tired of it. It ruins the TP vs Mafia aspect, which is kind of the whole point of the game. It should be a once-every-few-games thing, not something included every game as has become the norm.

Ideally, we would start switching game mechanics up a bit more. Have a barebones game one time, include the uncommon special roles another, try out the Cult one time, do two Mafia teams another time....etc etc. Not everyone will like every style, but it will add some flavour for the people who play every game and keep things from getting too stale.

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1. Aladeen

2. Master Radishes

3. Snake Doctor

4. Not A Fruit

5. VICanucksfan5551

6. Burrdaman

7. Alchemy Time

8. Reigning Champ

9. Kryten

10. Beluga

11. OTTS

12. Kiwis

13. JE14

14. Peaches

Toews, can I please be something other than a TP?

I've played 6 rounds and I've been a TP for 5 of them (Vig was the other).

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Since we've been discussing, lately, the Mafia/TP/other balance and whether one side is OPed or not, here are some stats.

78 games have been played on CDC.

18 game threads are lost

2 games were not "standard" games (one a SK FFA, one a choose-your-own-role)

So of the 58 completed standard games I've been able to collect info from, the victory results are:

-29 Mafia wins (including a record 8 in a row)

-22 TP wins (including 11 losses in a row)

-6 SK wins (including 3 in a 6 game stretch)

-1 Cult win (out of 1 game played)

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