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Mafia: The Game [That's A Spicy Meatball] Game Over Please Sign Up


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The problem I have with the death note to be honest is that with something like that I feel it may make it so I have more influence on the game than I want to.

Last time I hosted my big mistake was getting too involved and have learned that lesson painfully. The DN makes me have to choose who to give it to next and even if I do randomize it, with your suggestion of giving it only once to the mafia I have to decide when to give it to them.

I will do it if that is what everyone wants but I am merely letting everyone know where I personally stand on the subject.

You don't have to give it to the mafia, they are just limited to 1 round maximum is what I meant.

If you feel like it won't work then I'm fine with not putting it in. I didn't even vote for it lol, I don't know why everyone's been apologizing to me when they point out flaws, especially since I've always been open to constructive criticism when it comes to roles i've made ::D

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O I thought of a sick role thanks to AT

A person is given the role of town drunk but he doesn't get a message. His vote would not count for the lynch

My variation of town drunk:

-Town Drunk is given 3 names.

-Basically 2 truths 1 lie scenario


Intoewsable - TP


JE14 - TP

Two of those are true, one is a lie. So 1 of them has to be mafia. It'll be up to TP on how to approach this.

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