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Mafia: The Game [That's A Spicy Meatball] Game Over Please Sign Up


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Things I learned last game


- Band wagoning votes is suspicious

- Not band wagoning votes is suspicious

- Not voting is suspicious

- Voting too late or too early is suspicious


- Not talking much is suspicious

- Talking to much is suspicious

- Saying someone is suspicious is VERY suspicious

- Asking questions is suspicious


- Trusting people is suspicious

- Not trusting people is suspicious

- Being indecisive about who to trust is suspicious


- Kesler is suspicious

- Toews is suspicious

- VIC is VERY suspicious


- Defending yourself against accusations is suspicious

- Not defending yourself is very suspicious

- Defending ANYONE is very suspicious


- Memes are a lot of fun

So, because of these points, I'm going to try a different strategy this game.

Firstly, I'm going to try and be a bit more quiet then last game while still helping out where I can (basically, not being so aggressive and more taking my queues from other people).

Second, unless my vote is critical, I'll be voting for myself.

Third, instead of posting a "suspicions" list, I'm going to try and post a "scenarios" list.

:ph34r: Ninja mode engaged :ph34r:

Posting lists = confirmed Mafia

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