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Descriptions of Potential New Roles:


  • Is able to cancel a lynch during any round that has less than 2/3 voting majority for the lynch
  • May one Time cancel any lynch even with more than 2/3rds voting majority but outs him to mafia

​My own thought on this is that this role doesn't seem to favour the TP very much unless the Executioner has some inside information on who the lynch victim is. Really it seems like a role that can protect themselves from lynch.

Death Note:

  • Randomly given to players to use each round to kill someone
  • Basically it is the opposite of the med-kit

We have used this before, and while, I saw the potential for it, I think it would be best suited for games with more than 25

Modified Godfather:

  • Basically its like the SK but can only target Mafia.
  • He is Mafia but is unknown to other mafia.
  • gets a kill every second round
  • Was in my initial game but I let him bank kills which I will no longer do if the GF is chosen
  • GF wins only if he is last man standing

​I like the potential for this player as it would be nice if the mafia has someone to fear amongst their own, but seeing as how my last game turned out I can understand if no one wants this role added lol.


  • Most players know this role but he is Aligned with the mafia
  • Mafia do not know who the lackey is to start the game
  • The lackey has the ability to block roles made by other specials within the game or blocks the vote of normal TP.
  • If the lackey Blocks a mafia member it blocks the mafia's kill for that round

​I like the lackey but I think it makes for more work for me LOL but if you guys choose it NP.


  • AT suggested this role in the last thread but it's basically like the opposite of the TwinBlade
  • TOAD sacrifices themselves for another player to return to the game
  • I believe is aligned with the TP

​My take on this after my experience with my last game is that I don't think that allowing players to come back to life is the best idea. My thought on this role is that it would have to be done during the round that another was going to be killed.

Example Intoewsables is the TOAD and Kesler87 is set to be lynched. Intoewsables has such crazy mad respect for the reigning 8 time MVP that he knows that he is the only hope the TP has to win and therefore sacrifices himself that round so the MVP may live.

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Is it possible for more than 1 role to be added?

I'd like to see both the DN and TOAD be added.

Although I think the DN should be weakened a bit, it should now be able to have it's target saved by the doc.

Basically just give the DN user the exact powers of the SK for 1 round. Same order of kills, everything.

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