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An open (short) letter to 2013. (Share yours too!)


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Goodbye 2013. You proved to me how mentally weak I was. You showed me the poor choices I was making, how average I was and the dangers of staying that way. You also taught me what directions I need to take to get stronger, have more success and be happier. You destroyed the old me, and I am thankful for it. I would compare the year to when a fighter loses a match or when a team loses a game, then sits and watches the replays over and over again; studying the mistakes and how to overcome them.

I don't usually make New Year resolutions and I am not doing so today either, because the goals are already set. A date on a calendar doesn't dictate when new goals need to be laid out or when the reset button needs to be pushed. My energy is focused on success now and nothing else. There is no more room for weakness or negativity. No room for "I can't". No room for the word "impossible".

Thank you and good riddance to 2013. You taught me a lot.

A big welcome to 2014. Happy New Year everyone! Stay focused and demand success!

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Dear 2013

it's been an exciting year I joined CDC after many moons of lurking. I got a kick ass job doing very little. I expanded on my love of food and whiskey. I celebrated 5 years of marriage and so mush more. Unfortunately things just aren't working out so I'm leaving you for 2014 where a move to Florida, a kid and Sochi all await me.

Yours truly Peter

P.s. I'm taking the dog

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dear 2013: go **** yourself.

This. A tough year of death, hospitals, and the such. Here's to hoping this is the end of this.

As for CDC I seem to have found a better Canuck forum here than where I was (sportsnet had too many bitter oiler and flames fans looking for unnecessary battles that they simply could not win). Believe it or not I find CDC to be more mature.

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Dear 2013 you started off awful I was heart broken and had just lost my best friend but as the year progressed you showed me the true meaning of friendship and just how magical it can be. I have became closer to members of my family and drifted away from others who can not put their own misguided religious beliefs aside and accept me for who I am but mostly especially the last two months I have discovered kindness. I have seen humanity act beyond what I thought was possible and show me what it really means to be a good person. 2013 You started off awful but ended with the most amazing wonderous things. I am looking foward to see what 2014 brings. Happy New year to everyone and I hope you all have an awesome year. Cheers. Now I am off to drink :lol:

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Dear 2013:

I survived you? You know that "what doesn't break you makes you stronger deal"? I must be able to crush hockey pucks in my bare hands by now.

You weren't all bad. The animal rescue stuff was fulfilling and brings great joy - have met some wonderful, compassionate people via that path. Also witnessed some monsters, who abuse and discard animals.

Work tried to murder me. You were long and drawn out that way....my holidays, as usual, were spent nursing sick people and attending to car repairs. Sounds cold, and I should be grateful for my own health, but it was also tough. Made work seem like a vacation and you were not kind to me in that regard. You sucked.

So it is with great hope and anticipation that I seek closure from you...I know 2014 is a kinder, gentler place. One where a cup will be won and the lottery will pave the way for a much needed get away. That's the plan anyhow.

So good riddance 2013. To the curb....


I am not sorry to see you go...

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So long 2013

You actually haven't been too bad all things considered. I discovered the love of my academic life this year, learned that weight gain along with squats can have some great results, made some friends I'll probably be in contact with the rest of my life and loved my family and those that love me back with the best of my ability

Not sure what's in store in 2014 but please make my A's happen and don't let me get fat

before and after pics?


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Broken finger, broken ankle, 3 surgeries, loss of my uncle and grandma, It's been a tough year and I won't miss 2013 at all..

Having said that, I learned a lot about myself this year, I was the type to always put other people's feeling's first, never really cared about mine...but going through what I went through this year I realized who my real friends/family are, how I should always put myself first no matter what.

I've had a lot of time to reflect on life while recovering and realized how many stupid mistakes and choices I've made.

All in all, it's been a rough year that smacked me in the face and 'woke' me up, I think I go in 2014 with a much more clear head and a better grasp on life.

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Mine is actually similar to yours OP, I wasn't necessarily in a bad position at the start of the year, but I was mediocre. The last year I think I've improved heavily in almost all areas of my life; fitness, social life, work habits, attitude, trying new things etc.

Overall a good year, my only resolution for 2014 is to keep up the progress and build up my potential.

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Honestly, I don't remember much of 2013. It went by so quickly.

Some things I do remember happening are: I changed jobs, lost a couple of friends (not due to death), made some new friends, had my heart broken...

I won't miss the bad parts of 2013, but will remember the good parts.

Goodbye, 2013. Welcome, 2014. Hope you'll be much better.

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