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[Discussion] Value of The Italian Stallion?


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Big Bert is a healthy scratch for detroit for tonight's game.

It really can't take much to take him off their hands. I initially thought a package including booth but I would prefer to keep booth.

Also Bert is a much better option than Vinny.

Proposed possible lines

Bert Shredder Kass

Twins and Bert

Burr kes Bert

Bert Richardson tito

He's a good fit. Please let's bring home the Italian Stallion. Hes a much better option than prospal.

Possible trades

Bert for Future considerations (he's a bad cap hit for detroit)

Bert for Booth straight up.

Bert for 6th round pick

And also I'm sure he would help our awful PP

Plus imagine all the cash flow for Aquilini from Jersey sales.

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I wouldnt consider him an upgrade over anyone on the top 2 lines. That being said it might be interesting to put him on our 4th line and get him to hit people, forecheck, grind people in the corners, and occasionally run over the other teams goalie. Bert and sestito when hes playing dirty would be a fun 4th line along.with a guy like mcgratten

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I wouldddddd love dumping booth for Bertuzzi!

Maybe thed think Weiss and Booth would get going together :bigblush:

Mentoring and it would be good to mend some bridges, memories of WCE :frantic:

Honestly the trade makes sense for both teams. Isn't booth from Michigan?

That being said I'm not ready to give up on booth. We can just buy him out if he doesn't get it together.

We wouldn't need to give much up for Bert at this point and with his contract.

Let's do it. He can mentor tito and kass

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booth for Bertuzzi would be amazing but imagine the media rape......

Which is another reason I think it could happen. Aquilini is only after marketing and money. He's a smart business man.

That's why he hired torts. A guy from Boston who can't teach his players how to hold a third period lead. We pretty much automatically lose all games we lead in the third it's pathetic. He brought I'm torts for the ratings. Can't say I haven't been entertained by torts tho. Hes completely entertaining in every way.

Either way bringing back Bert would hype the team more and result in more money in francescos pockets.


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