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Who is going to win 2014 Olympic hockey?

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Canada has been playing good hockey so far and the scary thing is that guys like Crosby, Toews, Perry, Sharp etc. haven't even been a factor yet. If anyone of these guys can raise their game then the medal is Canada's to take. When Canada puts any one of their four lines out on the ice, at any given point of time, they can be sure that those players are arguably the best players on the ice. The depth the Canadian team has is just incredible.

That being said, it is a short tournament so anything can happen. I wouldn't be too surprised to see USA or Russia taking gold.

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To be honest, heading into the gold medal game in 2010, Team USA was by far the best team, in terms of team play, structured team collaboration, and goal-tending. But when a game 7 is on the line, looking at that team Canada line up, it's hard to imagine anyone beating team Canada. The only thing I think that can stop Canada is, if somehow the refs were payed off to call the game against Canada, (other wise how the hell will Russia will come out and say Canada won't even get a medal this year)?

Team Canada.

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It has to be the states. Their stars are actually performing like expected and their team is way better overall compared to the 2010 team. And our team looks a lot weaker compared to our 2010 team; I really think that Sharp,Kunitz and St.Louis are total wastes for spots all of them look so lost out there. When your D is scoring most of your goals you know your in trouble. We are looking like the canucks were before the break: dominating in puck possession but being kept to the outside so it's pointless.

If our forwards control the middle of the ice and explode offensively I like our chances but as we have seen from the canucks it's hard for a team to suddenly change like that.

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