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Goodbye, Whopper Wednesdays...

Miss Korea Bob.Loblaw

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Used to live by the Burger King in New West. I was within easy walking distance. After a few times I stopped going there. That is without a doubt the worst BK in the lower mainland. I dont dislike BK in general but when the one near you sucks so bad. It kinda kills it for the whole chain. Its been about a decade since Ive been in one. Triple O burgers are about it for the odd time I want fast food.

The OLD burger kings from 20+ years ago, where they used to flame broil the burgers fresh in store instead of frozen and microwaved, those were good burgers.

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More of a Wendy's man myself.

So much this. I get like the same thing everytime, Spicy Asiago Chicken burger, large fries. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

And for all those that are talking about Triple-O's - I'm sad, because they don't have any here in AB. :(

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